Hello. I am a sad artist living in the
wild west, & a feminist cat lady who
doesn't even own a cat. I like to wear
Birkenstock sandals, I listen to your
grandparents' music, & I watch a lot
of movies. I love old things, hate new
things, I love the X-Files, Sailor Moon,
aliens, Cat Stevens, Popples, ghosts,
Venusaur, & mostly, Dan Aykroyd.

FYI everyone, the best place to contact me is on my personal blog, because it’s linked to all my blogs. so no matter what blog i’m using, i’ll always get your message! 

if you want it, please message me here. i don;t want to post it and have a bunch of normal plebs find it~

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How cute, look at this little anti-feminist crying at me like a little neckbeard, thinking they have the right to speak to me.

You have no right to speak to me, peasant. (✿◠‿◠)


Bob Dylan - Simple Twist Of Fate

I don’t think there’s anything in this whole world that I hate more than Supernatural.